BackOffice Services

Accounting & Tax Filing

  • Book-keeping

    We record transactions in line with statutory, as well as your specific management reporting, requirements.

  • Tax Filing

    We prepare and file all regular tax reports (VAT, Corporate tax, Personal Income Tax, Local tax, other tax declaration required by Law, etc.).

  • Audit coordination

    We manage an on-going contact with your external auditors and prepare the required work papers.

Management Accounting & Reporting

  • Management Accounting

    We design a reporting system in line with your specifications (i.e. sales reports, parent company reporting, cost centre analysis, comparison to forecast and budget, variance analysis)

  • Management Reporting

    We provide regular Profit and Loss statements, Balance sheets and Cash flows to your local management as well as to your Headquarters by HAS/US GAAP/IFRS.

Payroll accounting & Labour administration

We provide payroll accounting and labour administration services to fulfill the requirements of Hungarian Labour, Social Security and Occupational Safety laws. Requirements that can make this area very complex and difficult to follow. In addition special licenses required providing this service.

Financial administration

We offer full administrational services to ease operation of the companies that do not have staff locally:

  • Issuing outgoing invoices
  • Recording petty cash transactions
  • Handling bank transactions
  • Etc.

Representation of companies

We can represent and act on behalf of your company at all Tax Authorities.

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